Cucumber Vodka Drinks With Sprite

The cucumber spritz is effortless to make and is a great, tall drink to sip on during a hot summer night. It is easier to drink flavored vodka neat.

The Perfect Cucumber & Mint Ketel One Cocktail for Summer

The cucumber cosmo is a refreshing variation of the classic cosmopolitan cocktail.

Cucumber vodka drinks with sprite. It refreshes and packs a punch that is not overwhelming. We like to chill the vodka and sprite prior to making the drink so that it’s nice and cold. Do you drink flavored vodka straight?

A pink colored drink made from effen cucumber vodka, triple sec, simple syrup, lime juice and cranberry juice, and served. Who makes effen cucumber vodka? 1 oz prairie organic cucumber;

Add 1.5oz of vodka to glass. Top up with sprite and stir gently. Seltzer, cucumber, ice cubes, lime vodka, fresh mint.

Add more ice if necessary before serving. Shake gin, vodka, lime, and simple syrup together. You can opt for popular brands like pristine vodka.

You could also purchase regular vodka and add in cucumber, though it may not have the concentrated cucumber taste that a specific cucumber vodka might add. Give a slight stir and add cucumber slice for garnish. Cucumber mint vodka refresher swirls of flavor.

Then add in the fun: 3 1/2 oz vodka or gin (cucumber vodka is a popular choice as well) 1 oz elderflower liqueur , i used st. Pour 2 liters of sprite over the limeade, cucumbers, and ice.

Stir to combine and garnish with a cucumber ribbon and lime wedge. Now let’s fix the cocktail. Thin sliced cucumbers, approximately 6 slices, half muddled * optional;

This cucumber vodka lemonade recipe is a cool breeze on a summer day. 0.6 oz fresh lime juice; (strain if using homemade cucumber vodka.) add 1/4 cup lemonade.

The fresh cucumbers and mint blend beautifully together in your glass muddled with the ice cubes. 1/2 tsp fresh lemon juice (from a squeezed wedge) twist of lemon *optional; Add the 1 cup + 2 tablespoons cucumber juice, lime juice, vodka, cointreau, and apple juice and stir to combine.

Fresh cucumber, sweet + tart lemonade, and a splash of super smooth vodka make this the perfect cocktail for bonfires,. If you’re only making one drink, you can save the rest of the cucumber. You may be noticing a trend here with drinks that combine sprite…

Garnish with 2 lime wedges. Pour in 1.5 oz of vodka. Pour into 4 short glasses filled with ice.

Fill a stemless wine glass with ice and add smirnoff zero sugar cucumber & lime. See more ideas about cucumber vodka, vodka, fun drinks. Add 1/3 cup sprite to glass.

Perfect for a hot summer day, cucumber mint highballs offer adults a cool refreshing drink. 0.5 oz rosemary simple syrup; There are few things more refreshing then a cucumber vodka cocktail during happy hour.

A simple drink made with either my healthy honey mint lemonade (or store bought lemonade),. Slice a fresh cucumber into slices. Garnish the glasses with cucumber slices and/or mint leaves.

Sprig of mint for garnish; If drinking vodka neat is too much for your palette, you can opt for flavored vodkas like green apple, berry, or vanilla. Add more limeade if desired.

The fresh cucumbers and mint blend beautifully together in your glass muddled with the ice cubes. Smirnoff’s zero sugar infusions cucumber & lime vodka with a diet sprite. Colored sugar, lime zest, lime vodka, crushed ice, water, granulated sugar and 2 more.

Smirnoff’s zero sugar infusions cucumber & lime vodka with a diet sprite mixer for a quick and easy highball that is also sugar free. Then add in the fun:

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