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Spread pesto over bagel bottoms; Spread the cheese mixture on to half of a toasted bagel.

The Classic Bagel and Salmon Sandwich at Russ & Daughters

Stir creamed horseradish into mayonnaise.

Bagel sandwich recipes salmon. This is a new york classic, minus the bagel. Layer with salmon, tomato and lettuce leaves. Thoroughly rinse produce and pat dry.

How to make smoked salmon bagel. Press down lightly with a fork. Place the bagels on a platter and spread the artichoke cream cheese onto 4 of the halves.

Top with salmon, cucumber, beets and egg. All the great flavors that make this such a satisfying breakfast are still here—the richness of smoked salmon, the bite of onion and capers, the sweetness of tomato—but by ditching the oversize bagel in favor of whole wheat toast, you save about 200 calories and trade a ton of refined carbs for a boost of fiber. Sign up for the tasty newsletter today!

Bake bagels lowering the temperature to 370°f (190°c). Bagels shouldn't be cut until the day of serving and should be stored after cutting in a plastic bag with the air squeezed. Add the cream cheese, lemon juice, dill and salt and pepper to a bowl.

Mix capers and cream cheese. Brush the top of the bagel breads with a brush with a beaten egg and sprinkle with poppy seeds. Divide toppings (salmon, red onion, capers, chives) between each half side of bagel.

Quickly transfer the bagels on a greased baking sheet or covered with parchment paper. The making of the sandwich We thought we would give smoked salmon and egg mayo a try, and it actually worked out beautifully.

Top with cucumber, smoked salmon, capers and red onions and close the bagel. Spread cream cheese on 1 bagel thin half (or toast slice). Smoked salmon egg mayonnaise bagel recipe.

Smear each bagel half with one tablespoon of cream cheese. Once cooled, spread cream cheese over cut side of each bagel half. Well not your traditional bagel filling, this one is pretty good, using sliced smoked salmon with an egg mayo, mixed in with.

Pile on a tangle of the pickled veg, season with black. Top the cream cheese with a about 4 cucumber ribbons and a few slices of smoked salmon. Get all the best tasty recipes in your inbox!

Prep the ingredients and store in lidded containers up to 3 days in advance. Scatter equal amounts of capers and dill over four bagel halves. Spread one side of the bagel with the mayo and top with the salmon.

Dill cream cheese & avocado bagel sandwich. Toast the cut side of each bagel until golden brown. Start with a layer of sliced smoked salmon.

Sprinkle with dill and top with the remaining bagel thin half (or toast. Toast half of split bagel. Garnish with sliced red onion, capers, fresh dill and a sprinkle of seat salt.

Spread the bottom half of the toasted bagels with cream cheese, then top with a few slices of smoked salmon and a scattering of capers. But as an extra we added a little freshly chopped dill and it was better still.

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